Joe - Sorry

Текст песни Joe - Sorry

I messed up
I'm sorry baby
Just one minute

[VERSE 1:]
In the middle of the night girl I hear you cryin'
And it's all my fault, ain't no denyin'
Said I cut you so deep with my words
And it pains me to see when your hurt
Let me run my fingers through your hair baby
Hold you close to my body, whisper sorry softly
Mmm, girl it aint important anymore
Whatever point I was tryin' to prove is out the door
Cuz you, yeah

You are the only thing I can't afford to lose
You're so valuable, said your feelings are like gold to me
Oh baby you, you are the woman
That makes my dreams come true
My life for, for all that it's worth
I just wanna tell you I'm Sorry

[VERSE 2:]

Most of these niggas don't really understand (understand)
To truly love a woman, it takes a real man
(You gotta) hold her, (you gotta) show her
(That your her) best friend, (not just her) lover
No time to waste playing with my pride
Just cut to the chase and apologize
Cuz baby, you're like an extension of me
And when you're hurt, it makes it hard to breathe
Oh baby you...


[VERSE 3:]
(Baby I know) Baby I know that your mad at me
And I can't say I blame you
(You) I was trippin' and I lost control
(Try to prove something) actin' like a damn fool
(I see the pain in your eyes, I see the pain in your eyes)
And I know I let you down (let you down)
Oooh and I wanna make it up to you
Some how, baby you...


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