Joe - Why Just Be Friends

Текст песни Joe - Why Just Be Friends

Sure baby we can be friends
(Slow dance) But where would that lead
(Back rub) Where would it end
(Hot tub)
(Slow play) And who would you be, if we were more than friends
(Let's role, it don't matter what we do at all)
(Slow dance) Quite possibly
(Back rub) We conquered the world
(Hot tub)
(Slow play) Just you and me, baby Why Just Be Friends
(Just role, it don't matter what we do at all)

(And all you gotta do is take it off)
Take off your coat
(And all you gotta do is take it off)
That's what I wanna do
(And all you gotta do is take it off)
Baby, kick off your shoes
(And all you gotta do is take it off)
Let's be More Than Just Friends

[VERSE 1:]
Girl.. just.. re.. lax
I know we just started talkin'
Girl.. I.. can't.. help
But to think how we'd be
We could sail the seven seas like it was a dream
We can climb the highest mountain, know what I mean
Or just chill and watch a movie or look at T.V.
Baby you just gotta trust, I promise you'll see

Stop, drop your fears, baby come get with me

Give me your tears, I got the remedy
Take down your shield, I'm not the enemy
Girl I just wanna be the only one to make you happy
Baby come close, I wanna feel ya body
Take it slow, ain't gotta bother nobody
We can't go wrong, baby just think about it



[VERSE 2:]
I.. don't.. want.. to
Move too fast but girl I'm ready
No pressure girl
Just sit back and let it be
If I'm rushin' baby girl just let me know
It ain't no thing for me to stop and take it slow
I ain't tryin' to make you feel uncomfortable
But I can't help feelin' like you are the one I'm lookin' for



Now I know that love has failed you many times before
But I'm tryin' to make you see
That the only one is me
So forget those other guys you dated long ago
And just let your mind be free
Lets be More Than Just Friends, yeah yeah


[HOOK: til fade]

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