Joe - You Should Know Me

Текст песни Joe - You Should Know Me

[Dj Intro:]
Ladies And Gentleman
Id Like To Take Yall Back
Back To The Future
When We Used To Slow Jam At The Parties
So Fellas Grab Your Lady And Take Her To The Dance Floor
You Already Know

I Remember When We Had So Much Trust
And Nobody Couldnt Become Between Us
Do You Remember
Now You Listening To He Said She Said
And They Keep Putting Thoughts In Your Head All The Time

Girl Your Heart Is Filled With So Much Doubt
Cause You Think That Ive Been Playing You Out

Girl You Should Know Me
Know Me By Now
I Would Die Before I Hurt You
You Should Know Me
Know Me
And I Will Never Let You Down

You Believe That Ive Been Getting Down
With Your Friend When Youre Not Around

Now Why Would I Do It Baby
I Dont Deny That There Is Some Attraction
But They Lie About My Reactions
I Could Never Never Hurt You Baby
Never Never Never

If You Could Look Inside Of Me
Before You Start Your 3rd Degree
You Would Know Exactly How I Feel
No One Else Can Take Your Place
I Love You More More And More Each Day
Dont You Let Them Take Away This Love That We Have Baby

Why Would I Give You My Credit Card
If I Really Didnt Love You Baby
Why Would I Buy You A Diamond Ring
If I Really Didnt Love You Baby
If You Wanna Know
If You Really Really Really Really Want To Know
Dont Ask My Neighbors
Cause Baby They Dont Know What They Saying
All You Gotta Do Is Ask Me Girl
And Ill Let You Know
I Will Let You Know
Yes I Will

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