Jon Bon Jovi - It's Just Me

Текст песни Jon Bon Jovi - It's Just Me

You know your favorite old pair of shoesThe ones with the hole in the toe you won't loseYour favorite record that's all scratched and usedBut still you love to play when your feeling blue
That faded rose that's all dried outThose Bukowski poems we couldn't live withoutYour high school picture when you had wild hairThat stormy day on the beach that got us here
Oh, you better believe there's just one thing you needCan't you see...
Chorus:It's just me babyIt's just me babyIf there's just one thing that you should keepIn your book of dreamsIt's just me baby
Just like a shadow 10 feet tallStanding right behind you should you fallI'll be the one to hold you up to walkWhen this wicked world makes us want to crawl
And if your waves should ever break at seaI'll be there waiting, I'm that sandy beachI'm that same old dog, scratching those same fleasI'll be by your side, you can count on me

It's just me babyWhat's it gonna take to make you seeWhat's it gonna take 'til you believe in me
Oh, how my smile fades and my heart just breaksEvery time you go away
It's just me babyWhat's it gonna take to make you seeWhat's it gonna take 'til you believe in me
And if someday some new memory comes alongLooking shiny new, feeling really strongYou can tell him that I'll tell himHe can just move onI'm a fighter - I've been fighting for you all night longIt's just me baby

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