Jop - Tis' The Season (Remix)

Текст песни Jop - Tis' The Season (Remix)

[Featuring Santa Claus]
SANTA CLAUS: HO HO HO merry christmas
did you get your gift this christmas
J.P:nah santa why talking to me I'm
broke i just rhyme on webtv thats all
SANTA CLAUS:have you been good answer
that question boy?
J.P:well santa it ain't to many things
to do in the hood. if i knew where you
where i'll go rob goods
SANTA CLAUS:oh j.p why you busting all
shyazt if you did that you won't have
no more present for the rest of your
J.P:let skip this i already got what i
need bestfriend, good mom,and a wify
SANTA CLAUS:well thats not what you
said last week
J.P: YOU RIGHT santa but i don't think
you was listening to me a gift'ed is a
gift but life has a meaning already
got mines god gave it to me
chorus:its christmas day did you get

your presents if you did you lucky
CAUSE santa got rob at crecent(1x)
claim i told them elf,north,HO! they
thought it was a joke, and laughed at
rudolf's nose
J.P:i advise you to fight back
SANTA CLAUS:don't worry about me they
did't take jack,i got mad people who
got my back,all my bag had was boxes
yeah i deliver that if you belive then
they become reality open the box see
what you recived am like a charity
J.P:GOOD one santa but i don't have a
christmas tree but i'll be happy if
brooklyn kids are happy
SANTA CLAUS:DON'T J.p you got the best
wish on my list just don't become a
bad boy and forget brooklyn give back
to the kids and comunity you'll see
how things work out even your family
in unity

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