Jordan Knight - Close My Eyes

Текст песни Jordan Knight - Close My Eyes

Verse 1:
I live my days with the nights that we spent all the love we shared,
i put my heart on the side for a while knowing you're not here,
i tried to cary on to face the fact you're gone, but i need you,
so i close my eyes

Chorus: Close my eyes
and i dream about you,
i close my eyes
i can almost feel you in my arms again

Verse 2:Mornings remind me of showers and talks in the soft sunlight,
evenings of passion and cries of joy hold your memory tight,
you've been away so long, i sing so many songs about you,
i just close my eyes


When i close my eyes im a kid again,
i can think about the time we became best friends,
and we played in the park did'nt have a care,
thn you smiled at me and i knew right there,
i would hold your hand it would be the start,
of a promise that no other love would steal my heart,
now the pain that looks like you i just cannot wait,
but when i close my eyes it's a better place

No one really sees, you're watching over me,
and i hope you feel me watching over you,
and we can go to sleep,
i pray the lord will keep you in my dreams,
when i close my eyes

(Chorus Repeat 2x)

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