Judas Priest - Abductors

AbductorsJudas Priest5:49

Текст песни Judas Priest - Abductors

Abductors - they come at night

They come at night and they infiltrate you
The paralyse and they mentally rape you
Expressionless they disintegrate you
The probe your soul and desecrate you

Abductors - will bleed your mind
Abductors - cutting inside
They come for you in the night

They strap you in-struments laid before you
And powerless begin to explore you
You scream in pain but they just ignore you
The bring machines and they drill and bore you

Abductors - cutting inside
Abductors - drinking your mind

No-one believes that you
Were chosen from few
Defiled and abused
By alien rituals

You wake in fright there in your room
You better hope your memory fails you
A lower form of life to them
Just one more blood experiment

Abductors - will bleed your mind
Abductors - cutting inside
They come for you in the night

They send you back and disorientate you
A lesser race they discriminate you
Whatever said will incriminate you
No-one believes

The sceptics laugh an annihilate you
They dig you out and they excavate you
Authority and even God forsakes you
No-one believes

Hey maybe I am just a liar

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