Justin Timberlake - My Eyes Adored You

Текст песни Justin Timberlake - My Eyes Adored You

My eyes adore ya

Girl you're deep inside each day
Waiting for the courage
That never came

So on you went without a clue
That these adoring eyes they long for you
I tried to get real close to you
Hoping that you would see through
My disguise
And somehow you know that I


I adored ya
Though I never laid my hands on you
My eyes adored ya
My eyes adored ya
Like you couldn't see
A millions miles away
How I adored ya
So close (so close)

So close and yet so far

You looked at me
And saw a friend
You told me things
And I'd have to pretend
That you didn't mean
The world to me
And all the while
Behind the scenes
I cried with you
And lived your every dream
Yes I did

The reality
the hope's still there
And dreams run wild
I'll make time to
So tell me, tell me baby
Was I a fool
Do your eyes adore me, too

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