Justin Timberlake - True Blood

Текст песни Justin Timberlake - True Blood

[Verse 1]
Red was the color of her eyes
She put me in a meditation state
The skin is white so white
The night looked like it had no expiration date
Black is the color of the night
And it's time for me get her body waste
There's just something 'bout the demon that she brings out of me
When we raise hell I can't stay away

Aw, give it to me now
(So evil in the dress)
It circulate you start to feel it
(Devil in the flesh)
Once she starts to evoke the spirit
(Got you on the floor)
Ooh she comes alive when you look killing
(Hungry for some more)

I think she's got that true blood
Every time your 'round I can smell it in you
She's got that true blood
I come around and raise the hell out of you
It's that demon in me that's got me screaming
Make me wanna build a coffin for two

She's got that true blood
But baby I just do it for the thrill out of you


[Verse 2]
Now I feel my fever on the rise
And the bones in my body start to quake
Straight up from my toes to my mind
She controls me but I don’t want to escape
All of you ones that have tried
Find out that they have made the final mistake
But when she got a bite of my type
She told me that she found her perfect bloodmate

[Bridge + Hook]

[Verse 3]
Her pheromones invaded my instinct
I stalked your scent like an animal
Roast me in your perfection
I’m mad, I don’t wanna freak
Cause the others wanna burn with me
But they don’t hold a candle


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