K-Rino - Phony

Текст песни K-Rino - Phony

(K-Rino talking)
Yeah, take a journey into my life
But you won't have far to go
Cuz.... mines is yours
We all gon' through the same things

Don't ever misinterpret me, I'm glad to be alive, G
I put two and two together though and I keep coming up with three
It's hard to rest, when you see the evil some people possess
It just multiply stress, my depression's even depressed
Countless times I extended a hand to help a friend in need
Only to misread because for me the same wasn't received
You called me when you was flat broke and wanted K hook a loan up
When I said, "Cool"; you was at my house before I could hang the phone up
See, I'll break bread and feed ya, these days homies'll bleed ya
Their procedure; borrow money then get selective amnesia
You try to give 'em time but that seems to be worthless
Knowing he owe you coming around showing you things he just purchased
Then they start ducking your calls, you know how you can tell?
Cuz all you get is half a ring and then it's straight to the voice mail
So, what the Hell? I guess I gots to leave these cats alone
Another friendship dead and gon' over a couple of hundred bones

People so phony, phony
I feel like it's me and God only, only, only, only
I can't let it phase me, phase me
I'm trying hard to keep from gon' crazy
What? To keep from gon' crazy

When I detect a suspected lie, it's hard to let it slide
An artificial female friend milking your sympathetic side
Money I would give, not lend, was down with her to the end
Not from a tricking standpoint, I just considered her a friend

Kind of mad I didn't control this, never fathomed she would go this low
But now I'm tripping over this repeat pattern that I noticed
Like clockwork, an hour after every time she leave
She be like, "Baby, I need some money, can you help me please?"
And I'm like, "OK!" Might pay a bill or help her knock the rent off
Every time she came around my gold-digger alarm went off
But when I needed help and asked for it the game flipped
She had more excuses than the pipe burns on a crackhead's lips
And it's a trip, cuz when it's time to show me they my homie, they don't
And if I need 'em to do something for me, they won't
So now it's all about me, one syllable
And artificial people get cut loose like umbilical


The doctor checked me out and wrote me a prescription with the quickness
But the side effects of the medicine was worse than the sickness
See I sacrificed for others but the same love didn't follow
I wish I had a dollar for every time that I wished I had a dollar
I regret sometimes not having a biological seed
Anytime that it was ever proposed to me I disagreed
If they persisted to insisted, I just packed up and I slid
Too many of my partners paying child support, "Ohh hell nah, not the kid"
But if I did, maybe then hope would seem more realistic
To be gifted with a reflection of my own characteristics
Cuz most people are senseless, self-centered and pretentious
Any show of love is meant to benefit their own interest
My eyes are now trained to spot game when it arises
The wisest people learn how to see through those disguises
Cuz fakers show more fiction or depictions than HBO
Fraud to real is a 99-to-1 ratio


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