Kane - Get Right!

Текст песни Kane - Get Right!

What nigga, what's happenin'
Most Wanted in this motherfucker
Have to show these pistol bitches how to...ha ha ha

Get right, ya lil' bitch get right
Ya did wrong then bitch get right
Ya shit tight, keep yo shit tight
Ya shit alright, ya lil' bitch get right

[Verse 1]
Had a bitch named Porsha, drove a Porshe
Most niggas out chea couldn't afford her
Head is gangsta, pussy is torture
Fuck me and twin and I ain't have to force her
Met her in a strip club poppin' that ass
Coppin' her cash, runnin' in and out hop in the Jag
To some bitch nigga takin' half her loot
So I did what a pimp nigga had to do
Swooped down on the bitch like a vulture
Fucked her out them draws and then I took them chains off her
You ain't bout to holla at her that's my chocha
Nigga used to hit it for free, it's gonna cost ya
Taught her how to make change for givin' brains
Now this ho out in the game and killin' thangs
I don't have to worry about her playin' the field
I keep that ho in line like she payin' a bill, nigga

[Hook x2]

Is there any pimps in the house tonight

[Verse 2]
I got the coldest dick in town right now, all them hoes on it
So a bitch better come correct to Most Wanted
Bitch get right before ya lose what cha' got
Cause I just might stick ya out ya shoes and ya socks

I'm a fool with a lot, my tool is a cock
Keep a rubber standby cause I use it a lot
Fuck jewels and the block
Bitch we done just moved in the yacht
Ho, check the dudes and the watch
I got stock, never should you come at me crooked
I'm too cold to be drove behind one nappy pussy
Took me too long to get mine, to ever slip behind
A nothin' ass, stankin' ass bitch
So no matter how cold the ho is
She could be fine as fuck with no kids
She the tightest ho up in the show biz
My brother got a dick too, bitch blow his

[Hook x2]

Get right, get right, get right, get right

Is there any pimps in the house tonight

[Verse 3]
Bitch get right, let me put cha' in check
When I walked in the room you was breakin' ya neck
Baby all we gotta talk about is weed and sex
And when you suck this dick, my partner's next
SHUT UP!, don't talk to me with dick on ya breath
Ya better get cha' mind right or get played to the left
She said Damn Kane & Abel why ya dick so big
Don't fuck me so hard, we might wake up the kids
I said SHUT UP!, turn around and take this pipe
And ho ya better suck it just the way I like
Make it move fast for me, shake, shake that ass for me
Go up in ya old man wallet, get the cash for me

[Hook x2]

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