Kane - We Got That Candy

Текст песни Kane - We Got That Candy

Once again, two of the world's most wanted mobsters
(Most Wanted) Kane & Abel and I ain't say rappers niggas I said mobsters

[Verse 1]
You can have these Pop Rocks, Now and Later's
Fiends buy Blow Pops to smoke em' off that jawbreaker
Fuck the law maker, soon as I wake up
Sellin' Skittles on the block for a lil' paper
These haters like gummi bears but these cops is worse
Aimin' slugs at my shirt wanna see a Starburst
It hurts to see my click comin' up
This candy bad for ya teeth bitch you better brush
A big piece for cheap sweets, ya can't get enough
Good-N-Plenty, Lemonheads for y'all hoes to suck
Twist a buster like Twizzlers, might come up missin'
Get that Tootsie Roll and rap when I start to trippin'
Candy, Candyman on the set, paper was missin'

I been slangin' candy (I got that candy, got that candy) all night long
I been slangin' candy (We got that candy, got that candy) all night long
I been slangin' candy (I got that candy, got that candy) all night long
I been slangin' candy (We got that candy, got that candy) all night long

[Verse 2]
Uh, always seen with jelly beans, sixteens and a dreams
To the fiends for haters, jawbreakers in my jeans

Satisfy ya sweet tooth if ya got the loot
Life Savers bulletproof if we got to shoot
Got Snickers for niggas, cavities for killers
Sellin' pounds of Mounds and all y'all real dealers feel us
If they pay 100 Grand the time is right
Might could catch a Butterfinger, might drop ya life
Twinkies on the Benzy, got it never too many
Good-N-Plenty got them honey buns goin' for twenty
These niggas wanna know how many licks it take
If ya come with sixteen you can have the whole plate, we got that candy


[Verse 3]
Got all the Zu-Zus and Ju Ju Bees you need
We gettin' rid of candy like it's Halloween
Trick or treat for my sweets, turn the streets into a murder scene
All about the glaze and the cream, gettin' paid off the fiends
Like you don't know what candy mean
Tell the police we got away that's all I seen
But ain't nothin' sweet when we hit the street
Got sticks of licorice for you vicks to eat, we got that candy


[Various ad-libs]

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