Kate Bush - Rockets Tail

Текст песни Kate Bush - Rockets Tail

That november night, looking up into the sky,

You said,

hey, wish that was me up there--

Its the biggest rocket I could find,

And its holding the night in its arms

If only for a moment.

I cant see the look in its eyes,

But Im sure it must be laughing.

But it seemed to me the saddest thing Id ever seen,

And I thought you were crazy, wishing such a thing.

I saw only a stick on fire,

Alone on its journey

Home to the quickening ground,

With no one there to catch it.

I put on my pointed hat

And my black and silver suit,

And I check my gunpowder pack

And I strap the stick on my back.

And, dressed as a rocket on waterloo bridge--

Nobody seems to see me.

Then, with the fuse in my hand,

And now shooting into the night

And still as a rocket,

I land in the river.

Was it me said you were crazy?

I put on my cloudiest suit,

Size 5 lightning boots, too.

cause I am a rocket

On fire.

Look at me go, with my tail on fire,

With my tail on fire,

On fire.

Hey, look at me go, look at me...

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