Kelly Clarkson - Cleopatra

Текст песни Kelly Clarkson - Cleopatra

Your probably Cleopatra
Dancing just for your pleasure
Whatever you wish babe
(a whisper is all it takes)

[Verse 1]
Diamonds around my waist
They shimmer as I shake
Let me know what you like
Your secrets your desires
My arms will keep you warm
No one will ever cause you harm
I’ll be your shelter through the storm

They won’t get near you baby
Protect and keep you steady
Rock you when things get heavy
Hold you forever ever
They can’t stop you my baby
When things start getting crazy
I catch your back, lean on me
I won’t break Never never

[Verse 2]
A queen to share your dreams with
No one will come between us
Let them abound with envy

They want what we got baby
I turn the lights down low
Give you a little show
My kisses for you only
Temptations for the lonely
Your wish is my command
I follow when they say they can
I’ll be the one you can depend on


With everything I have left
I saved it all just for you
It they try and defeat us
Watch me do what I'm good at

Protect and keep you steady
Rock you when things get heavy
Hold you forever, ever
I'll be your Cleopatra
When things start getting crazy
I catch your back - lean on me
I won’t break -never, never


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