Kelly Rowland - Past 12

Текст песни Kelly Rowland - Past 12

I met this guy

He was always on the floor

But hes dancing by himself

I dont know why

Cuz hes lookin hot to death

So i

Began to think

If I go out on the floor

Theres a chance hell notice me

And when he did

It was poppin sweet

We can get out on the floor

But take it slow

Baby, wont you keep it right there

Yeah, we can take it there

Boy I dont really care

Its all good with me

We can bounce up in the club

Or kick it in ya truck

Long as its sittin on doves, its love

Cuz we aint gotta go no where

Lets get it crunk tonight

I must admit

That Im not so bold when it

Comes to other guys

I aint goin trip

First for everything

And I hope that this

Is a thing I wont regret

When morning comes

When the party ends

Is it gonna be you and me?

Boy if the fleelings right

We can rock all night for sure

Dont you know that

Boy, when the clock strikes 2

Im gonna be with you for sure

Its past 12 oclock

And Im trying to put it on lock

Makin sure the party dont stop

Bottles stay popped

Think Im feelin what you got (all night)

Its past 12 oclock

And Im trying to keep it on lock

Wont you come and dance with me

Then well see

If youre gonna be with me

No coincidence

Two distant hearts on a map both goin no where fast

Both late for an appointment, they end up together in a city cab

They share a fare and some friendly conversation

Thats no coincidence, thats love

She scrambles through her purse

He rushed in through the front

Lookin for change, theres a joke box in the back of the restaurant

They start to dance til this day theyre still dancing

Thats no coincidence thats love

Its amazing, its perfection

How each little bitty star makes up one big constellation of people

Getting connected

Its truly heaven sent, its evident

That love is no coincidence

He snapped a photograph

She took a sonogram

She didnt tell him he shipped off to war in a foreign land

Left home a soldier but came back a father

Thats no coincidence thats love

Somebody crashed her car

Hes got a failing heart

One thing can save them an operation

Neither can afford

But through visitation, two families get acquainted

Thats no coincidence thats love

How we intertwine is divine (extraordinary)

Open your eyes and youll find (its involuntary)

Seasons have reasons for changing (so that everybody)

Can find love, lose love, find love again

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