Kй - A Short Story

Текст песни Kй - A Short Story

[Verse 1:]

Number one rule to hustling, quit if your ahead
If you got stacked bread and ain't trying to see the feds
Cause a lot of people wanna get in bed with the enemy
Talking with the pigs and you'll never be a friend of me
Look into the mirror clear headed, tell me what you see
Just another man living in his own reality
They saying that I'm mental, detrimental to society
And if I am a product, then y'all probably shouldn't be buying me
Doing what I feel, so I'm everything I want to be
Honestly I'm sick of seeing rappers fail chronically
And I ain't even dissing a specific MC
I'm just trying to say they got it twisted in this industry
See me climbing and grinding up in the 603
I'ma represent my town harder than your whole city
Till I D.I.E., so homie R.I.P
I really hope I never lose another friend to O.D.ing

[Verse 2:]
I'ma make it clear, you don't really know whats happening
A lot of people go through hell, and can't get out of it
Everything's about drugs, and I ain't talking weed
People tweaking robbing for whatever they fiend
I ain't trying to say that i've never had problems
Popped a lot of X till my brain started dissolving
Started breaking down, then slightly suicidal
But fuck it, I ain't dying cause this albums my revival
Now i'm feeling fine, got a lot on my mind though
Got a lot to do, so I gotta supply dough
Lots of people talk but they don't wanna try so
I'm always making moves and improving this style
Chilling with homies and wile, drinking and smoking
Toking on the bong, reminiscing and joking
Good times had are better than words spoken
Only one goal so i'm always straight focused

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