Kй - Blue street bakers

Текст песни Kй - Blue street bakers

[verse 1:K.I]
Back to my town
Blu sreet bakers
Holla to my boys
And to all of my haters
In rythm in stance
Blue ribbon bow dance
We call it patriotic physcotic
We diimming the light like
We all want to make money in this world
But thats what makes it funny
Cause i got ten model bitches but
I couldn't give a fuck please
Dont judge me because of that
Killing n****s in the back drive by cadillac
I was born to be a gangsta
N***a born and raised in nebraska
N***a lorn the phase when i asked her
Now she gonna freeze alaska
Baby in my house fast asleep
No mama no papa
Back to streets
Raised and cold i was left alone
Mama when's dadd coming home
She left me at 14 in the blistering cold
My god damn a n***a who thought i was sold
I meat jay teshay she was my only girl
And now im 16
And got a son named durrell

So i rap this shit back to the blue street bakers
Playing marbles in the 7th grade
Pulling girls
And getting layed
Over lord where is he now
No furniture the shop is empty now


[verse 2: K.I]
Now a n****s loitering
Bitch you now im totitering
My son is a ghetto child
Betty blue lets go wild
Back from the house 6 months solitary
Bitch said it was scary
I just took it and payed my dairy
Girl be getting buttered feeling mild like a hostage
Damn we own the lot now life switch its le costa
Coke dope
Boy im casting the holy ghost
Look at me now your such a fool
Im full of it
N****s solitude
I'll get my n****s out
Without out a doubt
My n****s be loicent
We recent we boy front
My n***a yall called son

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