Kй - Dirty East

Текст песни Kй - Dirty East

[Verse 1:]

Whipping that work, better have the cash first
Or the chopper gonna greet you with a real quick burst
Got you rolling in a hearse cause you ain't shot first
Mother fuckers think they bad, y'all just met the worst
Grinding all the time on my mind got them P's so sweet they smelling fine
Strictly with the sticky shit I get it for the benefit of getting so goddamn high
Got the connects that always come correct, so ain't no fucking with my supply
I ain't giving nobody respect, y'all ain't earned it yet
Think you rap vets failing the test so go die
In the air forces flying high, and I ain't go to no school to get by
I'd rather act a fool and get live
Making people jump in the club like I stage dived

[Verse 2:]

In this rap rat race, you can eat my fumes
Metal bat to the face, leaving your crib a tomb
I'm at a faster pace then y'all ever been doing
Nicotine, weed and Henny my influence
I'm a foul mouthed stoner, Jason Mewes
Clam baking in a van like Scoob and Shaggy do
Scheming on them dudes like a mother fucking loony tune
Wile E. style, but my plans never fall through
Like G. Moogz, I'mma ball hard
Till they try to kick me out when the whole game's scarred
Opposite of God, lots of devilish thoughts
Like a real horror story I'mma kill 'em all off
Like drop that bomb, hear the world tremble
Original mother fucker no one I resemble
You don't really wanna see my crew assembled
Trying to get at me, but for your health just let go

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