Kй - Dub Hop

Текст песни Kй - Dub Hop

[Verse 1]

Better with age like grape vines to wine
My prime's never behind me, still improving with time
I'mma ruthlessly grind, no time for lame rhymes
Never signed to anybody so that I can make mine
Kickin' it like all the time, besides when I work
I never needed to relax like a fiend with a perc
I'm just a rap junkie, hip-hop addict with a product
Hypnotic, I got you on it like a bad habit ought to
Still living in the 603 area, my town to Nashua
Got the best drugs, people wanna snatch 'em up
Plus you'd probably get busted, being too trusting
Dumb fucks suck at hustling
Period, hear me kid you don't know shit
And that's the way it's gonna stay, while I cop grip
Not slipping, always slick like rick but not ross
Didn't steal my name cause I'm way more boss

[Verse 2]
I'm the king with no crown about to clown these bitches
Mother fuckers really think they on the path to fast riches
But the road to fame's got lots of holes and ditches
I'm whipping off road vehicles, swerving crushing your ambitions
All up in this bitch and I ain't leaving like ever
Check it, put your neck on the line it gets severed
Summer to December, whatever it's going down
I got dogs all around, man we running this town
Manically tyrannical, you fucking with an animal
As far as spitting fire goes, call me pyromanical
Ain't no antidote for the venom I'm getting in 'em no
Using words like surgery, dirty scalpels open your dome
Bringing home the title of the sickest in the 603
When I'm feeling real cynical don't battle flee
You don't really wanna test your best against me
Cause your pathetic attempts ain't much to see

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