Kid Rock - 3 Sheets to The Wind

Текст песни Kid Rock - 3 Sheets to The Wind


Im here and its clear Im gonna flow so yo black

Just get on up or yo get the bozak

Cuz it aint kojak or dr. suess

Its the kid muther fucker and Im gonna get loose

Cuz I got the juice to spruce and get nice and

So enticing strong like a bison

Ruff like brandy and no one knows

That I got more riffs than randy rhoads

Smash, slash and when I trash I bash

I get ill I chill but u dont know the half

I trip I rip and though I think Im slick

Im nothin but a funky country hick

But I still get down with a sound that pumps

And u can hear me from the trucks and the trunks that bump

Never been questioned by the f.b.i

Although Ive tried every method just to get high

L.s.d. is what Im trippin on

And o.e. bitch is what Im sippin on

A big fat bootys what Im grippin on

But for now Im gonna rock and keep rippin on

Down to the muther fuckin a.m.

As I co bump and jump and keep the crowd in mayhem

No brain no cmon yall and tell me whats my name

3 sheets 2 the wind is the state Im in

Half off the wagon with my feet draggin

Taggin hoes gettin lots of trim

Gettin jocks and props for all the spots I rock

Im true Im blue like captain kangaroo

And for the few who knew yo Im a bang for you

Becuz the kid rock aint no bitch yo

And I aint no radio wanna get rich ho

So count my props you cant get with me and fuck all u cops u aint shit to me

But hoes with guns playin hard for fun

So stay off my dick becuz I aint the one

And for anyone tryin to bust me up

U better chill with that tryin to fuck me up

And if youre talkin shit Im gonna shut ya up

And all ya wack d.j.s Im gonna cut ya up

Cuz I dont give a fuck about no one

And when I wax I tax and thats just how it goes son

Yo aint no sucker

Cuz Im the kid..rock muther fucker

Straight from mo-town and I wont slow down

I cease the cheese m.c,s I moe down

And I show no shame cuz Im down for mine

Now tell me whats my name

It aint eric clapton and this aint slowhand

Im the kid ya dig and Im a rock the whole land

Cuz no man can make a track this grand

And if you know what I know than just....

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