Kid Rock - Abdul Jabar Cut

Текст песни Kid Rock - Abdul Jabar Cut

[Verse 1]
Kick on back to the rap I format
When its through what you do is just play it back
Rewind it
Find it
That's how I desinged it
And fellas if you see a big butt get behind it
And grind on it
I mean push and bump
Cause it's about time we made this party jump
Take a drink of your forty
And lets get naughty
Get on the floor and just move your body to the sound
I found and also developed
Lets trip don't sit, come on get the hell up
Look at the black man, now what'd up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Streets of Romeo
Mt. Clemens
All over

[Verse 2]
Now people always me and KDC
If we take this activity a seriously
I reply, with a sigh rather uniquely
And say does Donald Trump have a lotta money
Yes a stupid question, but I won't quote ya
Cause I'm the Geraldo, Philmore, Oprah
I'm the K-I-D R-O-C-K
Down with Jive, RCA
Hey how could you judge me cause what I am
Be blind to my mind
And take a look and say fuck him
Look at the black man, now what up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Like I said
Top Dog
One, two, to the three
And we always come back for more

[Verse 3]
Kenny wears a low fade

Danny wears no fade
I wear the high fade
And we all get paid
Tryin to blow my rap down the sink
But go ahead cause my rap's made of brick
And it sticks
And uplifts
At shows, it flows but never drifts
It's too swift and moves with quickness
Top Dog again and you say what is this
Its the under rated MC on top
The young six foot one Kid Rock
Look at the black man, now what's up
He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut

Get down
Come back
The black man from New Jersey
Kid Rock
It's the crew right here

[Verse 4]
Now Patty keep it going with the guitar
Yeah, all you punk ass bitches
This is Kid Mother Fucking Rock
The beast crew is in the house
All you suckers
This is a mother fuckin party
You better ask somebody
So get your mother fucking hands up in the air
This ain't no joke
Yo this is the mother fucking east side
Detroit is in this mother fucker
Uh haha

Yo the black man
From parts unknown
Can you dig it
You Bitch
For the nineties[?]Ho

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