Kid Rock - Live

Текст песни Kid Rock - Live

Let me hear you say "kid rocks up on the stage"

Hey slick, check it

Im the rock you know, Im gonna smoke it up

So I can rock it through old school disco cuts

Im the crisco slick, checkin siscos shit

Im the ultimate

Yes the k, to the I to the d-d-d, r-o-c-c-k all motherfuckin day

While Im strong, let me steal your rhyme

Got the matches, tank, and the 4 foot bong

Uh, and I aint bullshittin

Suckin motherfuckers with the game Im spittin

And aint a damn thing changed

Come on yall and tell me, whats my name?

(kid rock, rock)

Im the boy fucked up with the hip and hop

And on the seven seas they call me daddy rock

I had to coochie watch, back in the day

But I pawned that shit for a rock, last may

And now Im back on track

I dont smoke the crack, dont shoot the smack

I told yall once, I dont bang

But I lick more coochie than katie lang

Uh, and you dont stop

Rock the rythem thatll make your body pop

That somebody, anybody, all yall scream

(kid rock, rock)

Check it out yo

What I wanna do is break it down

And show yall a little somthin about where I come from

Show you some skills of how I used to rock basement partys

On the wheels of steel, back in the day in the klem yo

Check it

(kid rock, rock)

Some of that yo

It aint nothin but a motherfuckin party yo

Break it down on the lst like this

It aint no party like a detroit party

Cause a detroit party dont stop

It aint no party like a detroit party

When your in the fuckin house with kid rock

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