Kid Rock - New Skin

Текст песни Kid Rock - New Skin

Now Im sheddin my skin

Ya gotta listen to me

Ill tell ya what I see, never belive what you read

This shit is spreadin like a disease

Never feel withdrawn, time to move on, get your groove on

Say goodbye, everything must die, solidify

And fly to a new level

A place where love is unconditional, physical

And non-denomanitional

Like a snake, shed my skin, leave my past where Ive been...

Can you feel what I feel?

To hold on must be killed, dont cry over whats been spilled

Yeah, yeah,

Can you feel what I feel?

See the kid rock pumpin up a down your block with no cares

Long hair, swingin middle fingers in the air

People stare and point, I hit the joint and laugh

Kiss my ass!

The past is more than 10 years Ive grown from a complete unknown

Into the high zone, million dollar home and a diamond ring

Never thought Id a mount to a damn thing

Im the man, singin like curtis may

Mack on homies like ruby day

Its been a long time comin, but you know whats happened

Straight pimpin and sittin five times platinum..

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