Kid Rock - Pancake Breakfast

Текст песни Kid Rock - Pancake Breakfast

Smokin any thing that I can fit in a pipe

Slammin bottles of tussin and going fishing for pike

Never uptight my high wont permit it

My problems life but I dont sweat it, just live it

And Im not your average rapper

Got the same birthdate as thomas crapper

So bitch better watch your back

Cuz I push more power than a marshall stack

Never the wack but oh so pesky

Some say I cant flow but muther fucker dont test me

And if you arrest me you dumb cop

Ill find your daughter and Ill give her this cock

Kid rocks my mother fuckin name

Bitch u know me so pass the o.e.

And dont talk about takin me out

Cuz I got your girl and Im makin her shout

Just like a piano Im really grand

And I got more riffs than steely dan

Some friends call me fly

But most just call me when they wanna get high

It aint the disco cisco kid muther fucker

Its the outlasting shotgun-blasting

Dick-swingin pussy lickin punk

Little skinny muther fucker and Im not no hunk

But I got more rhymes than a cornfield stalks

And I turn more tricks than tony hawk

Walk with a limp cuz I pimp like a pro

And if ya dis me punk Ill fuck your ho

And though you think Im nothing more than a young punk

Im like a hound dog chasin a chipmunk

I move quick like a cheetah

And it aint shit to me to just beat a

M.c. down who looks like a dick

Jumpin round like a homo on a pogo stick

Yo rock, whats up stop being a jerk

And just "give em an example of how a d.j. works"

Cuz its blackjack and I got two aces

Been many places seen many faces

And everywhere I go people wanna jive

So I keep my fingers on my .45

So dont cross my dusty path

Or Ill put my foot up in crusty ass

Dont front ho pass the jay

Then hear me m.c. and watch me d.j.

To the beat yall and I wont stop

And ima rock this shit till your eardrums pop

Everybodys tryin to get a piece of the pie

But I dont let bullshit spoil my high

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