Kid Rock - Rollin on The Island

Текст песни Kid Rock - Rollin on The Island

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

Bell-bellisle bell-bell-bellisle

Hey kid rock, tell em how your livin

Man I spend my birthdays at dennys eatin southern slams

Im not a butt nut you know that I never bang

But I lick more coochie than k.d. lang

But Im not gonna kick an x-rated rap

And even if I did you know that you couldnt fade it black

Cause my raps liek gold, or precious gems

While your raps like an 8th full of beeners and stems

Kid rock I love to sing

Call me the king of pain, but my name aint sting

Or roger clinton, Im not riding off my brothers fame

Cause all you sap suckers dont even know my brothers name

Bill ritchie he lives in chicago

He rides through town in an eldorado

Maldo black, real white so Im lookin

And I gotta give it up to my homies in brooklyn

Romeo mt. clemens to metro beat

From huston, to l.a., back to stoney creek

Like I said, roll it up take a hit and then pass it

Thats how we do it when we roll down grass shit

Its guarenteed everytime we get hoes

I play on my guitar, puff loud through my big nose

Youll never see me in thyland

But you can catch kid rock on a hot day rollin on the island

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

Bell-bellisle bell-bell-bellisle

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

(here in detriot)

Now wes chill you know we go way back

Kid rock I remember guzzlin 40s in your ford track

Yeah wes your still my man so

Get on the mic and do the best ya can

Oh yes, yes yall, yes yall, and ya dont stop

Oh yes, yes yall, yes yall, and ya dont quit

Oh yes, yes yall, yes yall, and ya dont stop

Come on wes, give em what ya got

Give me the mic and ima wreck ya from the start to end

But gimme brew and gimme that and ima do you in

You talkin trash, I smoke that ass so fast you wouldnt know

What hit you bro, so here I got you thought I couldnt flow

To a track layed back by kid rock g

Now even white bitches in the subberbs they jock me

With a smile pow wow they want this getto thing

So pow wow freaky chow, and ima let it hang

Born and raised in the e.d. so ima let cha know

Is that wrong I stand strong and ima getto bro

Crew yo, I thought you knew when Id be rollin deep

No fuckin nytol needed to put your ass to sleep

I fly heads where theres dreads with the curly do

I screw hoes from shamiqua down to curly sue

You think Im jokin, Im pokin your girl, she lovin me

Sugar walls to my balls that how Im shovin it

Wham bam thank you mam a dirty nigger wrote

And if your man wanna trip Ill let the trigger go

Pop, pop, pop, pop, now watch that nigger drop

There goes my girl, yell the phone somebody call the cops

When they come Im gonna run outta my fuckin steals

And watch them hoes in the flow like they was johnny gill

Want a real deal with 2 gettin wild bucks wallet

Thats how we do it when were rollin on the island

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

Bell-bellisle bell-bell-bellisle

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

(here in detriot)

Now prince vince I remember hangin in your hood

With the 40s, hoes, do I make myself understood?

Yeah, I put you on them black hoes

They used to like your white ass, your blue eyes and your pionty nose

Yeah we poked hoes in heards (word)

Then I took your black ass out to the subberbes

People dont know about you and me (or unity)

Aint it funny how were still down in 93

Dont let me catch them slimmys when you roll em through

Cause if you do then ima hafta choose the weapon that I gotta use

And light my infared dead on that forehead

Woof, woof, woff mother fucker now your left in red

Your runnin around with a string of chicks

Now nigger you dont wanna see me or the k to the I to the mother fuckin d

Straight gs from the streets

Im droppin your lyrics on your best kid rock beat

Now ima kick ya like this and like that

Im kickin a funky track with kid rock because we go way back

Back in the days to the late 80s

When I dropped the gang stuff, drunk, and dirty young niggers

Crazy, but now were kickin it in the 90s

And cruew st. is where the niggers were frontin

Just coolin with my buds, slangin shit late at night

But the jealous niggers trying to tell us

Slangin aint the way to get paid

But fuck the bullshit all Im thinkin about is ponytail

I gotta get made, I got a pocket full of lint

Too much late former rate, and I gotta rest it

Shit the hookers, the hoes the takers, the pros

A nickle plated nina ready to explode

On any nigger tryin to jack, rat-a-tat-tat

Put his ass on his back for the comosat

Now can I keep my style and get wild?

Me, kid rock and wes chill, just coolin on the island

Its like this and like that

I told you mother fuckers better pack your back

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

Bell-bellisle bell-bell-bellisle

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

(here in detriot)

I got my harley on the highway revvin

If a whip-it was a nipple Id be lost in heaven

Im rollin straight 7 so what up?

Like bush wisk said you play pussy get fucked, your outta luck

Cause Im the best mother fucker from this time

For breakfast I snort cocaine and eat pork rines

Shockin signs is what Im sowin

Im the hoe and Im knowin the mind blowin home growin

In my back yard, lyin in the sun you know I fry quick

Gettin lit when I be smokin that tye stick

Cause thats what the kids all about

I like rollin up on hoes and screamin balls in your mouth

From south alabama, north montana, Im smokin and

Chackin cause you know I am a

Little long haired high on, and you can find kid rock

In the gutter on the mother fuckin island

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

Bell-bellisle bell-bell-bellisle

Bellisle b-b-bellisle

(here in detriot)

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