Kid Rock - The Cramper

Текст песни Kid Rock - The Cramper

Have you ever known a free lancer

Thinks that hes a camper

Known around my way as the cramper

Like p.m.s. always pokin

But he wont go away with a little motrin

Now if u ever heard the term cramper and u wonder

The worms kinda like I guess a modern day felix unger

When ya first meet em ya think hes o.k.

But then you learn a little bit of the cramper goes a long way

Hear say here I say thru the grapevine

He squawks and he gawks and he walks a thin line

Just like a little fuckin fag

He always wants to get high but never has a bag

Never works says he cant find the right job

Aint got a dime and when he does hes a tightwad

Hes the dampest theres no one damp

Huh huh.... hes the muther fuckin cramper

Now the crampers red, theres no one redder,

He rides ya wrong like a really tight sweater

Hes sorta like a mouse a pest of a peer

U come home hes at your house drinkin your last beer

Pokin and strokin he makes you wanna belt him

Always wearin out his mother fuckin welcome

And then sportys never that cautious

He sips from your forty and he always backwashes

Talk about a certain subject, hell jinx it

Let him borrow a shirt, the stooge always shrinks it

Hes the dampest, theres no one damper

Huh huh.... hes the mother fuckin cramper

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