Kid Rock - Trippin' Over A Rock

Текст песни Kid Rock - Trippin' Over A Rock

People like the way my style is rollin'
The crowd rebounds as I flow slowin'
I'm not bullshittin', here's how I'm hittin'
Funkin' it up more than George Clinton
Swingin' and bringin' in a new format
A new breed indeed and I'm sure of that
I'll impress the best, I won't rest the best
Cause I'm blessed and I just won't settle for less
Yes the kid who gets the crowd up
The one with the hair that stands straight up
People look and stare in shock

Trippin' over a rock
Trippin' over a rock

Chased and chased and chased, but never close to caught
And the skills I filled were all self-taught
With so many styles on each panfulls
And they hit ya like a fifth of Jack Daniels
As the girls admire the way I aspire
To move higher and build my own empire
Not a liar, I tell no lies

So hey girl you can trust these blue eyes
But don't get me wrong, I get wicked
Shake that ass in my face and I'll stick it
Hit it, get with it, knock it out the box

Trippin' over a rock
Trippin' over a rock

A genuine bad man like Yosamite Sam and
I c-c-c-can rock the land and
Bring a new swing and sensation
To represent the next generation
So slack up, you better back up
Coem the score and you leave in a jigsaw
Fuck with me with no doubt
I'll put my foot in your ass and won't pull it out
I'll go deep in, I won't weaken
Guaranteed to keep the house leapin'
Girls flockin' guys try to, to cock block
Cause everybody's trippin' over a rock

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