Kim Wilde - Hit Him

Текст песни Kim Wilde - Hit Him

Written by o.s. blandamer

Too much time talking at each other

Seems youve got a different point of view

Lets just relax

Get down to basic facts

Ill tell you just exactly what to do

You want the car, oh yeah

Well every penny in my pocket isnt yours, my friend

Im gonna do what my mama says, she said

Hit him, hit him in the heart

Thats where its gonna hurt

Hit him, hit him in the heart

Dont let him treat you like dirt

I dont wanna sound like in complaining

But whats it got to do with love at all

Its a private deal

Painful and so real

You make me feel like I just want to crawl

Whats yours is yours, oh yeah

If you want to get your bags

Well Ill leave them in the wall

Im gonna do what my mama says, she said

Youve been spreading rumours all about me

But all these things you said are just not true

Sticks and stones

Can break my bones

But boy theyre gonna hurt you too

Ive got my pride, oh yeah

So Ill just take your heart and beat it black and blue

Im gonna do what my mama said, she said . . .

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