Kim Wilde - Schoolgirl

Текст песни Kim Wilde - Schoolgirl

It's something else to see the way you're growing
From a sweet little baby to a grown-up girl.
And I pray though darling I've no way of knowing
Thnt you'll discover a beautiful world.
As you skip down the street and hold your books so tightly

Tell me what are you learning in your abc ?
Are you dreaming of all the many things you might be?
You know that we're just waiting to see you !

Schoolgirl - you're such an inspiration

Schoolgirl - oh
you're as fresh as the breeze.
You've got the whole world
it's waiting for you

You're really Comething
something to see.

It's easy to worry in a world of trouble
When there's nothing but bad news trying to bring you down.

But life doesn't have to be an uphill struggle

There's still some wonderful things to be found !

Schoolgirl - you're such an inspiration
. . .

There is sadness and confusion in our hearts

And the world prepares to fight
As it tears itself apart - it isn't fair !

Schoolgirl - you're such an inspiration
. . .

You little schoolgirl -
Schoolgirl - oh
you're as fresh as the breeze. . . .
Schoolgirl - you're such an inspiration
. . .

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