Korn - Sean Olsen

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Текст песни Korn - Sean Olsen

What's your lie?

Fuck you!

Warm lips, a big smile
Has made your mind runs wild
This game you play I like the way

You expect to grab a child
You think I'm innocent, not wild
Take me and look see how much I'm tame

Never gotta a little, but I think he'll never know
how to live with sure body wild until the pressure so
I'll show you feelings that you pain is nothing,
so let your body hang in there.
What a frustrating fear

Warm lips, a big smile
Hatred runs through your insides
This game you play it turns my attention each day

You think it's all a lie

They want you to stray outta line
Anger twisted your life, but you pay

I wish I could take control
I wish I could let go
I wish I could break this mold
Inside I'm so fucking cold

I'm come'n, I'm come'n, I'm come'n on you

I wish I could lose control
I wish I could let go
I wish I could break this mold
Inside I'm so fucking cold
Wet fits inside so the truth unfolds

I learned to lybra suffering
This was real, I'm dead for you with heroin

What's come'n, what's come'n, what's come'n on you?!
I'm come'n, I'm come'n, I'm come'n on you!!!

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