Kylie Minogue - In Denial (Ft. Pet Shop Boys)

Текст песни Kylie Minogue - In Denial (Ft. Pet Shop Boys)

In denial
No, my life's a trial
I'm not denying that every little bit hurts
It's a problem that I'm not solving
Don't mind admitting I feel like quitting
This job for a while
Getting away before it gets any worse today

You're in denial, and that is final
Your not admitting you should be quitting
All these queens and fairies and muscle marys
The rough trade boyfriend
Who in his pathetic own way denies he gay
Why can't he see this is a fantasy?

I think I'm going mad
How'd you know if your going mad?

Look at me I'm lonely

Look at me I'm sad
I'm not denying I could be trying
A little harder to deal with some of this stuff

Know what I'm thinking?
Less drugs and drinking
No cigarettes and you'll feel a little less worth

Is that enough?
My life is absurd
I'm living it upside down
Like a vampire working at night
Sleeping all day
A dad with a girl who knows he's gay

Can you love me anyway?

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