Las Ketchup - Kids In America

Текст песни Las Ketchup - Kids In America

Looking out the dirty old window,
Outside the cars in the city go rushing by,
I sit here alone and i wonder why
Friday night and everyones moving
I can feel the heat but its soothing, heading down,
I search for the beat in this dirty town


Down town the young ones are going (x2)
We're the kids in america (whoo oa) (x2)
Everybody live for the music go round

Bright lights the music gets faster
Look boy dont shut back your eyes but another glance
Im not leaving now honey not a chance
Hotshot give me no problems
Much later baby youll be saying nevermind

You know life is cruel lies its never kind

Good night dont make me in a story
Good night so grab a little glory
Were the kids in america (whoo oa) (x2)
Everybody live for the music go round

Look closer honey thats vagely
Got to get a brand new expeirence see me ride
Oh dont try to stop baby hold me tight
Outside a new day is starting
Outside suburbia is sprawling everywhere
I dont want to go baby
New york to east california
Theres a news coming I warn ya

-Chorus till the end-

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