Lauryn Hill - Intro

Текст песни Lauryn Hill - Intro

Oh no! Not you! What are you doing here? Oh boy it's gonna be hard now. Can we put him in the back? Robin, Robin, Robin...

I used to get dressed for y'all, now I don't do that no more, I'm sorry. It's a new day, I don't have the energy

Anybody got a joke?

Ok so, these are brand new songs that very few people have heard, very much about, you know, what I've been going trough and what I've been learning -- a lot of wonderful life lessons, you know, that aren't easy to come by but you're very blessed after you realize why you had to go trough what you had to go trough

It's just very important that you really listen to the words, you know, and if you have a hard time to hear what I'm saying please just raise your hand, you know, or something, object! You guys ready in there? (All set) Ok

And you know, it's real interesting because I used to be a performer, and I really don't consider myself a performer so much anymore. I'm really just... I'm sharing, you know, more or less the music that I've been given. But if I stop, if I start, if I... you know... feel like saying, "Baby, baby, baby" for eighteen bars -- whatever, you know? I just... I do that

So You guys are cool? [Yeah!] Ok I'm talking to people in my head too. It's alright though. Let's just warm up a little bit. I'm just gonna finish sucking on my lozenger

Ok, so this particular song is called "Mr. Intentional." We'll see. We all tuned up now? Let's just warm up a little bit

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