Lauryn Hill - Little Boys

Текст песни Lauryn Hill - Little Boys

What becomes of little boys
Who dreams are larger than life has ever shown them they should be
What becomes of little boys
Whose goals are bigger than anything in there reality
What happens to young men
Disappointed once again when they find out there not suppose to grow
Do their lives become a lie
Should they wither up and die
When they find out they deserve more than they know

And it’s hard to be confused
When you find out you been used as a sacrifice for other peoples gain
And no matter what they say it’s the same thing everyday
And no one seems concerned about your pain

What becomes of little boys
Who make a little too much noise
When their dreams have flown way beyond the clouds
Would you rather see them silent
Or would you rather see them violent
Cause they never had a reason to be proud

What becomes of little boys

What becomes of little boys
What becomes of little boys
What becomes of little boys

Yeah… yeah … yeah…yeah ... yeah…yeah…yeah..
Young men…young men…young man…young men
Yeah… yeah … yeah…. yeah….yeah….yeah…yeah..

True that there
Your the one that hide scare
We got wonders here
Yall run this here
Yall run this here
They done this here
They done this here
Cant nobody turn this here
Learn this year
To whom it will concern this year
We firm this year
That’s why you can’t burn this here

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