Led Zeppelin - Somethin Else

Текст песни Led Zeppelin - Somethin Else

Oh, look over there

Here she comes

Here comes that girl again

One that I know since I dont know when

But she dont notice me, when I pass

She goes with all the guys who are out of my class

But that cant stop me from thinkin to myself

Shes sure fine lookin man, shes something else.

Hey, look over there

Across the street

Theres a car just right for me

Took on a quality of luxery

But right now I cant afford the gas

I guessthe cars right out of my class

But that cant stop me from thinkin to myself

That cars fine lookin man, it something else.

Hey, look-a here

Just wait and see

Im gonna work hard and save my dough

Gonna buy the car

Get me that girl and go ridin around

Well go to the shop a right block down

Ill keep on right on dreamin and thinkin to myself

If it all comes true man, wow, thats something else.

Look a-here

Whats all this

Never thought Id do this before

But here I am a-knockin on a door

My cars out front

And its all mine

Justa 41 ford not a 59

Ive got that girl and Im a thinkin to myself

Shes sure fine lookin man, wow, shes something else.

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