Lenny Kravitz - Billy Jack

Текст песни Lenny Kravitz - Billy Jack

(On The Tributeto Curtis Mayfield)

Just out of Monday
Run into a friend
Down the street, down the street
Where I live
Ah! Ah! Sad things begin
I could feel from within
From the message, from the message
He had to give
'Bout a buddy of mine
Running out of time
Somebody past noon, shot across the room
And now the man no longer lives
Too bad about him,
Too sad about him
Don't get me wrong, the man is gone
But it's a wonder he lived this long

Up in the city they called him Boss Jack
But down home he was a alley cat
Ah! didn't care nothing about being black
Ah! Billy Jack
Can't be no fun ( can't be no fun )
To be shot, shot with a hand gun
Body sprawled out, you without a doubt
Running people out, there on the floor, oh oh oh
Ah! Ah! Bad bloody bloody mess
Shot all up in his chest
One sided duel, gun and a fool
What a way to go
Up in the city they called him Boss Jack
But down home he was a alley cat
Ah! Didn't care nothin' bout being Black
Ah, Ah, Billy Jack
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

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