Limp Bizkit - Stuck (Demo Version)

Текст песни Limp Bizkit - Stuck (Demo Version)

Psycho female blowin out my phone line
you need to tighten that screw
it's been loose for a long time
damn Ive been slammed
with some bad luck
soon Im gonna bring
the doom with the buck,
buck now you duck duck
goose Im lettin loose
with a 30 odd freestyle labeled
hostile by my profile
must be all the madness
you and all your tactics
jolted for my cash
got to make them
pockets super phat
hey Im a humble man
kicking out the jams like a tramp
Im goin to stick it
like a stamp to this business
whats with all the business
I get paid to take the microphone
and slay the stage so stay,
stay away from all the bros in my
band and all the fans and
all my friends when the cash
is comin in
Ill be slammin them balls
to the wall
with the ink on my flesh
and the yes, yes y'all
no 9 to 5 I'll still survive
I keep my engine on that amp
like a Chattanooga champ
that's all we need another
bad seed planted on this earth
motivated by greed

you want play that game bitch
you take a dash for my cash
its your ass that Im blastin
you bad luck you so stuck
stuck deep down in that hole

again stuck got your brain
on my green again
stuck your so stuck
in your head you dont even know

all I wanted was a Pepsi
just one Pepsi
far from suicidal
still I get them tendencies
bringing back the memories
that I really miss
when I reminisce rockinback
in the '80s
live my attitude to do or die
once I was a maggot
now i feel super fly
bound for the boundaries
no limits G
phat ass rhymes driven by
my destiny your styles in my pocket
proclaimed to regain that
essence pressin cause I'm hostile
labeled my profile
in deed I am I am indeed hostile
when it comes to greed


Oh wait a minute lets mello out
mellow cats live in the studio today
thinkin about this greedy bitch Kathlene
all I know is that you must be fucked up
in that head why
why you want to be like that (4x)
why the fuck you want to be like that.
why you got to dig in my business
you fuckin whore stuck on yourself
you are you take a dash
for my cash its your ass that I'm
blastin stuck on yourself you whore
you take a dash for my cash
it's your ass that I'm blastin

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