Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo [Remade]

Текст песни Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo [Remade]

[Verse 1: Mike Shinoda]
Yeah, yo
You were that foundation
Never gonna be another one, no
I followed, so taken
So conditioned I could never let go
Then sorrow, then sickness
Then the shock when you flip it on me
So hollow, so vicious
So afraid I couldn't let myself see
That I could never be held
Back or up, no, I hold myself
Check the rep, yep, you know mine well
Forget the rest, let them know my hell
Damn, there and back, yet my soul ain't sell
Kept respect up, the best they fell
Let the rest be the tale they tell
That I was there sayin'...

[Hook: Chester Bennington]
In these promises broken deep below
Each word gets lost in the echo
So one last lie I can see through

This time I finally let you
Go... Go... Go...

[Verse 2: Mike Shinoda]
Test my will, test my heart
Let me tell you how the odds gonna stack up
Ya'll go hard, I go smart
How's that workin' out for ya'll in the back, huh?
I've seen that frustration
Been crossed and lost and told no
And I've come back unshaken
Let down and lived and let go
So you can let it be known
I don't hold back I hold my own
I can't be mapped, I can't be cloned
I can't see flat, it ain't my tone
I can't fall back I came too far
Hold myself up and love my scars
Let the bells ring wherever they are
Cause I was there sayin'...


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