Linkin Park - Reading My Eyes (1996 Demo)

Текст песни Linkin Park - Reading My Eyes (1996 Demo)

[Verse 1]:
The microphone molester / machete undresser
“stupid-Annotatedope-fresh” type shit resurrector
Top gun / miramar / best of the best-er
The leave-an-MC-peace-in-rest-er
Skill tester / the flex-the-gunner
The make-funner / the adversary make runner
Make summer cold with rhymes i spit
Kick gift to lifted delinquent wit
I be the prophet / my rhyme–top it? stop it
Fly like rocket when I rock it
Lock it down with this perverse verse
Every fuckin' curse a burst of hurt
Move crowds: physical fitness rhymes
Coke heads couldn’t do my lines
I’m decorated like christmas pines
My battalion rocks
MCs become silohetes of chalk

Reading my eyes will say it in many ways
Losing my pride will save it in many days

[Verse 2]:
Hit the dirt because the words I spit will
Do more than just rip your shirt
I’ll bitch slap your soul
Contact the track control
You coming at me? you can’t hack it though
So ridiculous
Watching my crew get sick of this

Pitchin’ this
Lyrical viciousness to crews and cliques
Made of men and mistresses
This is my life
The twilight in the fight night
And trying to see nothing but the highlights
When I write
These eyes on horizons
Die for my song
Cry rhymes in krylon
Fire on / move men telekenetically
Esoterically beat-speaking with clarity
Feel my verity / heroism of heresy
And sever every MC I see with severity


Why not what i came [x3]
Why not give me what I came to deserve
Why not give me what I came to believe [x2]



All lyrics in this song are correct and legitimate, as they where found on Mike Shinoda's blog. For proof visit

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