Linkin Park - Red To Black

Текст песни Linkin Park - Red To Black

I had a friend named Victor
The two of us used to hang every single day
And it seemed like overnight that his whole life / just changed
I know when his mom and his dad broke up / it didn't make sense
But I know that his dad was a drunk and he gambled away the rent
Pretty soon Vic was seeing red / pissed off / but instead
He'd drink every night 'til he passed out
Then he'd do it all again
The whole time / smiling on the outside to cover the pain
But on the inside / all he was trying to do was get away
Funny how things change color
Then fade to another shade / when you had it made
It was all good / but now look / just another day
It was so fresh / it was so clean
Now it's all gone / one, two, three
Lights out / which way to turn
Can't get a grip / All alone in a big white house
Every day gets worse / and you just curse 'til your head bursts
And it hurts so bad / she left / now you suffer
Should've thought of that one first
No family / no kids / can accept what you did / now you wanna
Run away but you can't 'cause the past comes back again

Slippin' through the cracks / sip a little Jack
Go to bed half dead
What about rent? Why does every cent gotta be a bet
When's it gonna end
Oh my God / we don't got a penny left
My mom's gotta find a way to get a job
Outta debt / outta dodge / out of breath / out of this big problem
My pop's wanna get away from the pain
In a better place in his brain
But the medication he takes makes him wasted
So sick he was gonna think the good Lord would come take him
I'm shaking him
Wake up you son of a bitch
Jonah / Kenna:
He's dying to get away
Let the pain of yesterday
Go slipping thru the cracks
Hiding himself away
Watching all the memories fade away
From red to black

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