Linkin Park - Stick N' Move (Xero Demo)

Текст песни Linkin Park - Stick N' Move (Xero Demo)

This is how it's done going for the title and crown
Where now MC's surround as the beat breaks down
In 2 elements clobbin' up those that have been blessed
And as the M-I see the way it ought to be ponessed
Yes, yes am I the one to keep you on your toes
Definitely in my b-boy pose, they let your __ like twist
Touch your chin to your chest to the rhythm like this

Now see what I have, I want you
Be with me or Stick n' Move
Now see what I had, I want you
Be with me or Stick n' Move

MC's dogging me since the first day I grabbed the mic
Now it's like Sit, Stay
Cobra path lifestyles I’m kickin'

Stickin' MC's real quick 'cause times tickin'
At the drop of the defense, I let loose the venom
Sendin', I try to verbal heat up venom
The ending will come, grab your family and run
Apocalyptic rhyme pattern taking shots from the sun
Record in the world, four-thousand-eighty-one
Question my intentions and your whole world is done
Like wars to Rome, turn your eyeballs into Saturn
Full metal jacket fully auto rhyme pattern

Stick it, rock it for a click and a whicker
Move it, moving all the tunes and you groove it (4x)


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