Lionel Richie - Cinderella

CinderellaLionel Richie3:42

Текст песни Lionel Richie - Cinderella

As I was walking down a
path in the woods one day I
came across a vision that caught my eye

There was a lady standing
right there beside a well, and I heard her whisper
what you wish for you can have

Then the vision went away
I thought that I had lost her
The girl I had been waiting for
I cant believe I just saw her
She is the finest thing, I ever could imagine
Now I want her next to me, cause I want, cause I want more

Come to me my Cinderella
Straight to my wishing well and
Youre the one Ill always cherish
I ya ya ya ya ya
Come to me my Cinderella
Straight to my wishing well and
Youre the one Ill love forever
I ya ya ya ya ya

She is a gentle flower, she is the sun and rain and

She could be the reason for my joy and my pain
The first thing I see each morning, the last thing I see at night
You know if I could have all that
Thats all I wish for in my life

Why did she have to go
What do I say to find her
This girl is the only one
I cannot deny her
Shes making love to my mind
And I cant forget this feeling
Its her voice thats calling
Its her voice I need


Ohhh Cinderella
Ohhh Cinderella
Ohhh Cinderella
Youre all that I want
Youre all that I need
Come back to me now

Chorus Fade

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