Liquido - Way To Mars

Way To MarsLiquido4:41

Текст песни Liquido - Way To Mars

(Welcome to life after computers)

It´s been the 31st one this year
The object disappeared
Ceasing off the radar
to then vanished into space

No message can be found
Programmed to loosen out
The connection´s getting worse
But they will make it anyway

Sail up on
whereever this engine led
save it on
they never ain´t coming back

sail up on
sail upon
make it on
whereever this engine gets

(Welcome to life after computers)

What is it now?
I´m on my way to mars

(Regular existence completed
Ready for continuing procedure)

all data meant to fetch
acquired and processed
still coping with cognition
and all knowlege must be stretched

The awareness lifting off
all fright is getting lost
concerning information
has been banished from our cost

Sail up on
And what expert engineer
save it on
debating on some human fear

sail up on
what sight upon on the earth
make it on
view upon the universe

(Welcome to life after computers)

What is it now?
I´m on my way to mars

holding breath
what has lacked all the way
what´s been missing
that day
the transmission
what´s been on the way

lift up...

What is it now?
I´m on my way to mars

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