Lisa Marie Presley - Gone

Текст песни Lisa Marie Presley - Gone

Well, what do we have here daddy.

The lights are quickly changing.

Will I leave your heart along with the phone lines youre erasing.

A spineless ending.

Well, who would have guessed dear daddy.

Turned out to be a coward.

When I turned my back you cut my throat it bled for hours.

Was that your power.


You, youre the lovely victim again.

You, well your heart is breaking.

You are the only one let down.

Are you really now.

Well, soon here well have dear daddy with the next one on her knees.

And shes gonna call him daddy like the rest of them, like me.

How easy it will be replacing me.

And whats that I hear now daddy youre blaming it all on me.

Another she did you wrong and of course you had to leave.

And the yes men will agree.

You gave it everything.


You with the advisors in your ear.

You did everything right its clear.

I know I begged you to stay around.

But Im gone now.


Well, heres to you my darling leave.

Youre stubborn and youre free and of course, right.

I dont respect the way you leave.

You can be no friend to me.

Ill say goodbye.


(repeat chorus)

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