Lisa Marie Presley - Important

Текст песни Lisa Marie Presley - Important

Maybe if I liked being alone I could give you your life back and let you go.

Maybe if I got it together again I wouldnt be belligerent and such a princess.

Maybe the reason Im so needy is because I never had real devotion.

Maybe I criticized your loyalty because it wasnt given to me.


Do you know who I am.

Its me in here with the doctor and the crowd around me.

They are my chosen family.

I guess Im important, but what about them standing there they cant get in.

Theyre smiling at me, I guess theyre used to this.

Maybe Ill stop wondering when Im gonna die.

Maybe then Ill stop holding so hard to my life.

Maybe next time I see my reflection my mind wont be with me.

Maybe my brutal honesty is only because I can get away with it.

Maybe Ill squash you relentlessly because you tried to crush me.


Please get out of my way I dont like fucking waiting.

You need to bring me my food first Im not the one you want to starve.

Maybe you think youre my friend.

Maybe one day youll give a shit about what I am.


I guess youre not important, but what about you standing there you cant get in.

Youre smiling at me I guess youre used to this.


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