Lisa Marie Presley - Sinkin' In

Текст песни Lisa Marie Presley - Sinkin' In

This is a drag that it's too late now.
And I wanted to tell you that I was wrong.
I didn't realize I still hold on to you but I still do.
Was it that I turned everyone against you.
Was it that I didn't defend you.
Was it that I never had your back.
Was it that I was always trying to save you and you never wanted me to.
Or was it that I loved you.
You don't seem to see me sinking in do you.
You're not content in your own head are you.
You just want to kick me once again don't you.
Don't you baby.
I did it again.
I don't stop paying.
You don't look so good to me my friend.
Is it because of me I really left this time.

Did you ever say goodbye.
Was it that I had a crush on your friend.
Was it that I left for another man.
Was it that I didn't know.
That you were in over your head and I didn't see what I had did I.
No, I didn't and uh.

Was it that everyone would just kiss my ass.
I couldn't see through it and you could.
And now look what's come of us here ten years later.
I jump from one to the other, you're still worrying your mother.
And I almost went under baby.


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