Lisa Stansfield - Poison

PoisonLisa Stansfield4:15

Текст песни Lisa Stansfield - Poison

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris)


Dont worry about me, baby

Whenever you walk by me, I can here you breath

I can smell the love you made when you were gone

Darlin dont deny it, or make excuses

Ive heard too many lies, to know that Im not wrong

Baby dont insult me

Im too tired to let it hurt me

Baby just believe me

And give me back my key, and set me free


Keep youre body to yourself, or give it to somebody else

Youre poison

Cant you you see Im far to tough to let it hurt

Ive had enough of your poison

Dont lay your hands upon me

Just crawl back where you came from

I shutter at the thought of you touching me

Youve stained the love I gave you

Baby, not for long

So much I could have given you

But now youll never know

Baby dont insult me

Im too tired to let it hurt me

Baby just believe me

And give me back my key, and set me free


Got bad habits on your mind, youre underhanded

Im not blind to your poison


Dont make me laugh, youve told so many lies

And of all the lies you told me, baby, youre the biggest

You think youve hurt me

Im far too strong to let it get to me

Cant you see that Im not crying anymore

So just get off my back, and leave me alone


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