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i am not ok with this tv in my face
and liar after liar with nothin' bout nothin' higher

i am on the outside peerin' in to your world
and all the boys and girls are singin' save me,
save me from the one who only rapes me

take away my tv don't want your fuckin' recipe it's all decay
decay decay not today
today today take away my tv
don't want your fuckin' therapy it's all decay
decay decay not today, not today

it's our world and i'm on fire with anger and desire
not the kind that they feed to me with their emptiness and greed greed greed

i don't give a fuck what you say about me everything you are
is just a tool to me so just set up the mic
and let me do my thing in the consciousness of each
and every sentient being rainin' down like a thunderstorm into your mind
maybe not the first, the second, or even the third time but eventually,
you won't be able to put me down you'll be havin' me with breakfast
in your coffee grounds

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