Live - Transmit Your Love

Текст песни Live - Transmit Your Love

Bow, bow everybody body in the hotel

Bow, bow everybody in the motel dont

Knock if the door to my suite is closed you

Should of come to the show but you

Didnt, now youre wishin that you had

Had to go to jimmy buffet with your dad

With live, its game seven every single

Night you have to put it on the line to step


Transmit your love to me and silently

Make me whole again transmit your love

To me

Bow, bow put your ear to the door and

Bow, bow put your face to the floor and

Through the crack, see the people kickin it

Inside and leavin it all behind in the name

Of love, we raise the roof in the name of

Love, do what we came to do in a town

Tonight where the streets have no name

And everybody feels the same the outside

World is a goddamn shame

Transmit your love to me and silently

Make me whole again transmit your love

To me

Come on! tell your leaders love is in town

To turn this whole thing upside down we

Cant take it anymore

Transmit your love to me silently make

Me whole again transmit your love to me

(welcome to my world of love welcome to

My space above this sacred love welcome

To my space of bliss drive me to the heart

Of this sacred love sacred love)

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