Liza Minnelli - All That Jazz

All That JazzLiza Minnelli2:25

Текст песни Liza Minnelli - All That Jazz

C'mon babe
Why don't we paint the town?
And all that jazz .
I'm gonna rouge my knees
And roll my stockings down,
And all that jazz .

Start the car,
I know a whoopee spot,
Where the gin is cold
But the piano's hot.
It's just a noisy hall,
Where there's a nightly brawl,
And all that jazz!

Slick you hair
And wear you buckle shoes,
And all that jazz!
I hear that father dip
Is gonna blow the blues,
And all that jazz.

Hold on, hon
We're gonna bunny hug,
I bought some aspirin
Down at united drug;
In case you shake apart,
And want a brand new start,
To do that Jazz.

Oh, you're gonna see my sheeba
shimmy shake
And all that jazz

Oh, she's gonna shimmy till her garters
And all that jazz
Show her where to park her girdle
Oh, her mother's blood'd curdle
If she'd hear
Her baby's queer
For all that jazz!

Find a flask
We're playing fast and loose
And all that jazz
Right up here
Is where I store the juice
And all that jazz

Come on, babe
We're gonna brush the sky
I betcha lucky Lindy
Never flew so high
'cause in the stratosphere
How could you lend an ear
To all that jazz?


No, I'm no one's wife,
But, oh I love my life,
And all that jazz!

That jazz!

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